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about the tap program

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The most in-demand careers require these 21st century skills.


the problem

21st-century skills and mindsets (critical thinking, self-awareness, complex problem solving, self-confidence, financial literacy) are essential for children to succeed and thrive in the current world.


However, over 60 million low-income middle and high school children in India do not have access to quality services for developing them. The lack of 21st-century skills and mindsets heavily restricts the capacity of children from low-income communities to have healthy personal identities, manage emotions, make independent choices, and achieve individual and collective goals.

Source: CASEL, UNICEF Life Skills Report 2019, and the National Education Policy 2020, Skills Builder Framework

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1 in 2

Unemployment Rate

Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Report indicates that ~47% of Indian graduates are unemployable due to a lack of 21st-century skills.

finlit stat

1 in 5

Financial Illiteracy

According to Streak, a teenage-focused neobank, only 16.7% of Indian teenagers are financially literate.

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the solution

We have built an AI and NLP-powered WhatsApp chatbot called TAP Buddy that uses co-curricular electives and self-learning as a medium to develop 21st-century skills for marginalised middle and high school students in India. Our chatbot provides video-based electives and prompts students to perform projects independently via personalised (ML-learned) and (AI) bot-based nudges and content.


The design of self-learning project videos develops skills like creativity, confidence, self-awareness, communication and problem-solving. They also provide students with world exposure to break their mental barriers and build a growth mindset.


Electives and Skills

Coding, Electronics, Science, Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Digital and Financial Literacy.


21st Century Skills

Creativity, Confidence, Communication, Problem-Solving, Self-Awareness


Exposure Platforms

Aligned with School Calendar

Launch Events

School Showcases

Hackathon and Exhibitions


Enabling all children to become leaders of today and tomorrow.


To empower India's under-served children to become leaders by developing 21st-century skills through our AI and ML-driven WhatsApp chatbot, TAP Buddy.

corporate partners

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